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A vehicle's O.E. sensors can be reused with new wheels. A qualified installer will need to remove the sensors from the previous wheels and install them on the new.

It depends on the vehicle. If a sensor is not installed or the system is not functioning properly, most vehicle's TPMS warning lights will flash at start-up then stay illuminated until the TPMS problem is resolved and sensors are installed on the vehicle and registered to it.

Proper size is more than a round wheel of an exact diameter. To properly fit a vehicle a wheel must have the proper bolt pattern, center-bore, offset, width and load capacity to match the measurements we've taken from the vehicle itself. If a wheel's measurements and specs aren't correct for a vehicle, it will not be listed in search results. You can contact us to help you find the right wheels for your car.

All online orders are verified by our team of experts for proper vehicle fitments and appropriate product selection. You will be contacted if any discrepancy is found to ensure complete and accurate shipment of your purchase.